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Investigate of Biochemical and Yield Traits Dragon’s Head Ecotypes Using Some Anti-Transpirant Agents In Rain-Fed Condition

saeedeh kermani poorbaghaei; Majid Pouryousef; ali reza yousefi; masoud rafie

Volume 25, Issue 1 , April 2023, , Pages 177-195


  In order to evaluate the biochemical properties of dragon’s head (Lallemantia iberica L.) ecotypes’ using some anti-perspirants in rainfed conditions in the crop year 2018, an experiment has been conducted in Karaj and Khorramabad regions. The experiment is based on a randomized complete ...  Read More

Investigation of the Effect of Salinity Stress on Physiological Traits and Grain Yield of Quinoa Cultivars

Mojtaba Kaboodkhani; Hadi salek mearaji; Keyvan aghaei; Afshin Tavakoli

Volume 25, Issue 1 , April 2023, , Pages 221-233


  Quinoa is one of the salinity tolerant plants, capable of playing an important role in providing human food in the future. In order to investigate the effect of salinity stress on physiological traits and yield of quinoa cultivars, a two-factor factorial experiment was conducted as random complete block ...  Read More

Effects of Humic Acid and Salinity Stress on Some Germination and Morpho-physiological Indices of Iranian St Johns Wort in in Vitro Conditions

Mehrdad Rasouli; Alireza Noroozisharaf

Volume 24, Issue 4 , December 2022, , Pages 1293-1310


  The use of compounds that can improve plant tolerance to abiotic environmental stress, including salinity, is important. To evaluate the adjustment of salinity stress using humic acid (HA), a factorial layout is conducted based on a complete randomized design with three replications on the Hypericum ...  Read More

Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Species on Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Cultivars under Drought Stress

Maryam Falahatkar Gangi; Weria Weisany; Marjan Diyanat

Volume 24, Issue 1 , April 2022, , Pages 173-188


  In order to investigate the effect of different mycorrhizal fungai species and drought stress levels on physiological characteristics of chickpea cultivars, a factorial experiment was conducted in a completely randomized design in the greenhouse of Kurdistan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research ...  Read More

Effect of Pre formormospora indica and Foliar Application of Salicylic Acid on morphological characteristics and antioxidant enzymes of thyme irrigation cut-off stress

mrs Somayeh Mirzaei; Seyed Ataollah Siadat; Babak pakdaman sardrod,; Mohammad Moradi Telavat

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 853-839


  In order to investigate the effect of Piriformospora indica and different levels of salicylic acid on morphological characteristics and activity of antioxidant enzymes of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) irrigation cut-off stress, an experiment has been conducted in the water year 2016. It has employed a split ...  Read More

Investigating the effect of different fertilizer sources on the yield osmolites, photosynthetic pigments and some antioxidant enzymes of alfalfa under low irrigation condition

Kambiz Kharazmi; Reza Amirnia; Jalal Jalilian; Mehdi Tajbaksh

Volume 20, Issue 4 , February 2019, , Pages 801-815


  Due to the high requirement of alfalfa to water, research on the role of organic-biofertilizer and chemical fertilizers in adjustment of low irrigation stress is important, thus, this experiment was conducted as a factorial based on a randomized complete block design with three replications in Agricultural ...  Read More

Effects of salicylic acid on some physiological and biochemical attributes of medicinal pumpkin under drought stress

Hossein Rabbi Angorani; Jaber Panahandeh; Sahebali Boland nazar; Jalal Saba; fariborz Zare Nahandi

Volume 19, Issue 4 , March 2018, , Pages 853-865


  Oxidative stress is one of the most important consequences of drought stress. Salicylic acid is a phenolic compound which serves as a growth regulator in the induction of resistance to drought. In order to investigate the role of salicylic acid on some anti-oxidant enzymes and some biochemical attributes ...  Read More

Influence of hot water treatment and nano-packaging on qualitative characterestics of nectarine fruit cv. ‘Sunglo’ during storage

fatemeh hosseinpoor; vali rabiei; mohammadesmaeil amiri; ali soleimani

Volume 18, Issue 4 , March 2017, , Pages 1001-1015


  By considering short shelf life time of nectarine fruit and the importance of postharvest physiology, In order to study the effect of nano-packaging with hot water treatment to maintain qualitative characterestics and increase the storage life of nectarines cv. ‘Sunglo‘ an experiment was ...  Read More

Canola physiological, growth and yield response to boron application affected by heat stress due to late planting dates

Mohammad Moradi Telavat; Zohreh Kazemi; Seyyed Ataollah Siadat

Volume 18, Issue 1 , March 2016, , Pages 55-67


  A field experiment was carried out to study the yield and physiological responses of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) to boron application and high temperature stress due to late planting, in Ramin Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Khuzestan at 2013-2014. The experimental design was a split ...  Read More

Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and Ethylene on physiological characteristics and antioxidant activities of cut carnation cv. ‘Grand Slam’

Azam Ranjbar; Nourollah Ahmadi

Volume 18, Issue 1 , March 2016, , Pages 79-89


  This research was conducted to evaluate the effects of 1-MCP and ethylene on extending the display quality and increasing vase life of cut carnation flowers in a completely randomized design with three replicationsat the laboratory of the postharvest physiology, Tarbiat Modares Universityin 2014. First, ...  Read More

Evaluation of some antioxidant enzymes activities and metal ion accumulation in canola inoculated with P. fluorescens FY32 under salinity stress

Morteza Baziar; Ali Bandehagh; Davood Faraj Zadeh

Volume 16, Issue 4 , April 2015, , Pages 897-910


  This study was designed to investigate the effect of P. fluorescens FY32 inoculation on the activities of some antioxidant enzymes and ion concentration of two canola cultivars (Sarigol and Hyola308) under salinity stress (150 and 300 mM NaCl) in the greenhouse condition (fall 2012, Dept. of Plant breeding ...  Read More

Effect of exogenous application of proline and glycine betaine on biochemical alterations in grapevine under drought stress

mahdi mohammad zan=mani; vali rabiei; Mohammad Ali Nejatian; Mehdi Taheri

Volume 16, Issue 2 , March 2014, , Pages 247-258


  Proline and glycine betaine are the most common compatible solutes that prevent plants from destructive effects of osmotic stresses by osmotic adjustment and protection of membranes, proteins and enzymes. It has been reported that exogenous application of these compounds, can increase plant resistance ...  Read More