Effects of different polyamines on vase life, ethylene production and some physiological traits of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus cv. Red Corsa)

Fereshteh Kamiab

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 275-288


  In this research, the effect of putrescine, spermine and spermidine on the vase life of cut red carnation (Red Corsa) and some physiological traits was investigated in horticultural laboratory of Azad University branch Rafsanjan in 2015. Therefore, an experiment based on completely randomized design ...  Read More

Application of mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus mosseae) on reducing of salinity effect in New Guinea impatiens

Leila Mohammadi; Saeed Rizi; Rahim Barzegar

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 289-301


  To evaluate the effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza (Glomus mosseae) under salt stress on physiological and some nutrient absorption in New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri), an experiment established in complete random design with three replications (three pots for each replication) in greenhouse in ...  Read More

Study the effect of humic acid and zinc on the quantity and quality of fruit, photosynthetic pigments and mineral concentrations of grapevine cv. ‘Asgari’

Akram Vatankhah; Abdolrahman Mohammadkhani; Sadollah Hooshmand3; Shahram Kiani

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 303-318


  In order to evaluate the effect of humic acid and Zn on the grape yield and mineral concentration, a factorial experiment was conducted based on a randomized complete block design with three replications. The study was done on 20 years old grapevines in the Farsan region from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari ...  Read More

Effect of the usage of vermicompost and mycorrhizal fertilizer on quantity and quality yield of soybean in water deficit stress condition

Elham Jahangiri Nia; Seyed Ataollah Siyadat; Ahmad Koochakzadeh; Mohammadreza Moradi Telavat; Manouchehr Sayyah far

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 319-331


  In order to study the effect of the usage of vermicompost and mycorrhiza fertilizer usage on yield quantity and quality of soybean cultivar L17 in water deficit stress condition, an experiment was conducted as plots in a split at randomized complete blocks with four replications in Agricultural Research ...  Read More

Effect of post-harvest wax treatments and methyl salicylate on some enzymes activity related to chilling injury in two cultivars of orange(‘Moro’ and ‘Thomson’)

Sonia Jamali; Vali Rabiei; Javad Fattahi Moghadam

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 333-343


  Treated with different coating and application of methyl salicylate and salicylic acid are used for reduce chilling injury and maintain the quality of citrus fruit during storage. This experiment was carried out Citrus Research Institute of Ramsar in 91 years in order to study enzyme activity that involved ...  Read More

Effect of planting density on fruit quality and leaf elements concentration of apple on rootstock of M26

Nabi Hadavand; Ahmad Ershadi; Rohollah Karimi; Alireza Talaei; Mohammad Ali Askari Sarcheshmeh

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 345-358


  High-density planting system is one of the effective methods for improving production and profitability of tree orchards. In this research, the effects of four planting densities (1904, 2666, 3137 and 4800 tree/ha) on annual shoot growth, Physicochemical properties of fruit and leaf mineral contents ...  Read More

Effects of Salinity Stress on Dry Weight and Macronutrients Contents of two Olive Varieties

Mohsen Seilsepour; Ahmad Golchin; Mahmoud Reza Roozban

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 359-371


  A greenhouse experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of salinity stress on growth and macroelements contents of two olive varieties in soilless culture medium. In the research, one-year old saplings of two olive varieties, ‘Zard’ and ‘Mission’, were subjected to different ...  Read More

The Effect of seed priming on germination, yield and the quality of sesame grains under deficit irrigation

Kamyar Kazemi; Mohammad Khajehosseini; Ahmad Nezami; Hamdollah Eskandari

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 373-388


  Effect of seed priming on germination and seedling growth of sesame investigated under controlled conditions. The primed seeds with ZnSO4 had the maximum germination percentage whereas the highest germination rate was observed in hydro-primed seeds. The treated seeds with PEG showed the best growth of ...  Read More

Effect of application of Clove and Cinnamon essential oils on maintain quality post-harvest of Pomegranate

Mahshid Ghafouri; Ali Soleimani; Vali Rabiei

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 389-401


  Using the essential oils to increase the storage life and quality of horticultural products as a new idea is developed in agriculture. In this context, an experiment was conducted in order to effect of application Essential oils of clove and Cinnamon on maintain quality post-harvest of pomegranate (‘Punica ...  Read More

Effects of mixing graminicide herbicides and liquid fertilizer on dry matter production and yield of wheat

Fatemeh Hosseini; Mohamad mohsen Montazeri; Nasser Bagherani

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 403-412


  To examine the effect of mixing graminicide herbicides with liquid fertilizer in Gorgan region, an experiment was conducted as factorial arranged in Complete Randomized Block Design [RCBD] with three replications at the research farm of Islamic Azad University of Gorgan. The first factor was using Topic, ...  Read More

Investigation of mineral elements concentration in leaf and root grafted and ungrafted melon (Zard-e -Jalali accession from Inodorus group) under deficit irrigation on drip irrigation system

Dariush Ramezan; Azam Hassanpour Asil; Reza Salehi; Hossein Dehghanisanij

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 415-430


  The effects of grafting under conditions of deficit irrigation, on content of minerals leaf and root, evalutate in a field experiment under deficit irrigation was conducted with Split plot in a randomized complete block design with three replications, in the research field of higher education institution ...  Read More

Response of barley cultivars to chemical treatments of salicylic acid and selenium under drought stress in field condition

Nasimeh Montazeri Takhti; Gholam Reza Khajoei Nejad; Mohammad Javad Arvin

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 431-441


  Effects of drought stress and chemical treatments was studied on growth and developmental traits of four barley cultivars using a split- split plot design (RCBD) in Agricultural Research Farm, Kerman University in 2013-14. Main plots consisted of irrigation (control and drought stress after flowering), ...  Read More

Study on amounts of superabsorbent polymer applying on date palm c.v ‘Dairi’ under water deficit stress

Abdolhamid Mohebi

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 443-452


  Increasing the efficiency of water use is one of the main topics of sustainable agriculture in arid and semi-arid. The use of some materials such as superabsorbent polymers increase water storage in the soil and thus reduces the water use. Increase water storage in the soil to reduce the effects of drought ...  Read More

Effect of drought stress and spraying of salysilic acid and chitosan on photosynthetic pigments and antioxidant enzymes in safflower

Ayoob Amiri; Ali Reza Sirousmehr; Parviz Yadollahi; Mohammad Reza Asgharipour; Sedigheh Esmaeilzadeh Bahabadi

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 453-466


  In order to evaluate the effects of drought stress and spraying of salysilic acid and chitosan on photosynthetic pigments and antioxidant enzymes of safflower an experiement was conducted as split plot randomized complete block design at the Zabol University research farm in Zabol, south Iran during ...  Read More

Effect of super-absorbent, manure and irrigation frequency on growth and some physiological and biochemical characteristics of Rose Geranium

Maryam Jafari; Abdolhossein Rezaei Nejad; Mohammad Feizian

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 467-480


  This research was carried out to evaluate the effect of super-absorbent and manure on growth, yield, physiological and biochemical characteristics of geranium under deficit irrigation at research greenhouse of Faculty of Agriculture, Lorestan University, Iran, in 2014. The experiment was arranged factorially ...  Read More

The evaluation of drought stress impact as irrigation withholding at reproductive stages on quantitative and qualitative performance of soybean cultivars

Maryam Divsalar; Zeinodin Tahmasbi Sarvestani; Seyed Ali Mohammad Modares Sanavi; Aidin Hamidi

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 481-493


  In order to assess the performance of two soybean cultivars produced in two regions including Karaj and Moghan to drought stress at reproductive stages and also the impact of drought stress on yield and its components, oil and protein percent, an experiment was conducted as a split factorial based on ...  Read More

Effects of temperature and storage time on different varieties of date pollen

Mohammad Kamalpouradib; Vahid Rouhi; Saadollah Houshmand; Abdolrahman Mohammadkhani; Hamid Zargari

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 495-506


  Pollen storage could facilitate the date palm hand pollination through saving time and space. The main concern is maintaining pollen viability, which is greatly cultivar dependent and is influenced by storage condition. In this study, to address this issue, the effects of cultivar, storage ...  Read More

Exploring the possibility of reducing deficit water stress damage on yield of forage sorghum by foliar application of salicylic acid and zinc sulphate

Roya Karimi; Hashem Hadi; Mehdi Tajbakhsh Shishavan

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 507-520


  According to the global water shortage problem, the exploring for reducing its harmful effects is very important. This experiment was conducted as split plots method based on randomized complete block design with three replicates in Urmia University research field during growing season of 2013-14. Water ...  Read More

Evaluation of shiitake production possibility on agricultural wastes and their effect on yield and biological efficiency

Mitra Asadi doost toli; Mehdi Behnamian; Sara Dezhsetan

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 521-530


  Edible shiitake mushroom is a relatively fragrant mushroom and grows on different types of dead hard woods. This mushroom ranks second in the world in total yearly mushroom production. On the hand, thousand tons of agricultural wastes are burned or discarded yearly. Hence, to evaluate the shiitake mushroom ...  Read More

Study of effect of substrate, planting networks and type of covering plant on quantitative and qualitative on sodding lawn in northern Iran

Shahram Sedaghat Hoor; Leila Kheirabady

Volume 18, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 531-543


  According to high importance of sodding for fast creating green beds in all seasons, this experiment carried out with aimidentifying suitable substrate and covering plant including two lawn genus and Dichondra with blend seed. The trial carried out as factorial experiment with three factors based on ...  Read More