Delay in planting and low precipitation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) farming is the problem in Western Azerbaijan province - Iran. In order to evaluate the effects of seed priming an experiment was conducted under laboratory, green house and field conditions in 2006-7. The experiment was arranged as a factorial in which first factor included of four cultivars (Zarrin, Shahriar, Sardary and Azar) and second factor was including the distilled water, 10% polyethylene glycol (8000), 2.5% KCl, 10% Urea, 4% Micro nutrient, 1000ppm Cycocel (CCC), 20ppm Auxin (IAA) and non priming treatment as control. The maximum water absorbed was for Shahriar with distilled water. IAA and CCC treatments increased seed weight. Analysis of variance showed that the lengths and dry weights of plumule and radical, chlorophyll content, absorbed nitrogen, grain yield and its components, total dry matter and plant height were significantly different (P? 0.05). All of priming treatments had more absorbed nitrogen, grain yield and its components than control. CCC treatment had the highest value of lengths and dry weights for plumule and radical, grain yield, but the lowest value of plant height. In contrast urea had the negative effects for seedling related traits.


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