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The effect of the frequency of fertigation and foliar application of potassium sulfate on some vegetative, reproductive, physiological characteristics and nutrient elements of strawberry cv. Paros in soilless culture system

mohammad reza malekzadeh shamsabad; Majid Esmaeilizadeh; Hamidreza roosta; fatemeh nazoori

Volume 22, Issue 1 , March 2020, , Pages 165-179


  In soilless culture, lack of correct management in fertigation causes stress in plants due to restricted root volume and low water holding capacity of substrate. The present study aimed to assess managing the fertigation practice and foliar application of potassium sulfate in soilless culture of strawberry ...  Read More

Effect of harvest time, processing type and storage condition on preservation fresh and dried pistachios nuts

fatemeh nazoori; Siamak Kalantari; Nader Doraki; Alireza Talaie; Amanollah Javanshah

Volume 16, Issue 4 , April 2015, , Pages 795-807


  In order to improve the quality and the possibility of fresh pistachio exports , the impact of different harvest time on storage of ‘Ahmadaghaii’ Pistachio was investigated. In 2011, pistachios harvested at three stages of fruit ripening (40, 70 and 100 percent of hulling) in hulling fresh, ...  Read More

Determination of the best Harvest Time of Pistachio Nut based on Physiological and Biochemical Indices

Fatemeh Nazoori; Siamak Kalantari; Amanollah Javanshah; Nader Doraki; Alireza Talaie

Volume 15, Issue 4 , January 2014, , Pages 119-135


  This study was done to evaluate the effects of harvest time on some factor of ‘Ahmadaqaie’ pistachio nuts in Rafsanjan. In three consecutive years (2009-2012) during three stages of friut ripening (40, 70 and 100 percent of hulling), fruit was harvested and physiological and biochemical parameters ...  Read More