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Determining Yield Gap and Potential for Improved Production of Irrigated Canola in Iran

samaneh rahban; Benjamin Torabi; afshin soltani; Ebrahim Zeinali

Volume 24, Issue 2 , June 2022, , Pages 393-406


  The present study tries to estimate the yield gap of irrigated canola in Iran as the first step for planning sustainable improvement of production. It has been performed in the modeling laboratory of Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources in 2017-2019. The protocol provided ...  Read More

Prediction of dry matter production and leaf area index in faba bean under different planting dates and densities

Najebullah Ebrahimi; Benjamin Torabi; Afshin Soltani; Ebrahim Zenali

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 283-298


  To analyze the growth, it is necessary to access to accurate and well-arranged data obtained from measuring leaf area and dry matter accumulation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate different nonlinear regression models to study the trend of changes in leaf area index and dry matter production ...  Read More

Determination of the optimum managements ranges in order to increasing wheat yield in Golestan province

Amir Hajjarpoor; Habibolah Kashiri

Volume 19, Issue 3 , February 2018, , Pages 577-590


  In this study, collecting of management information from about 700 wheat farms in Golestan province was conducted during two growing seasons of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. In each of region, potential yields, the optimum crop management and simultaneously the percentage of wheat farms out of the optimal ...  Read More

The effect of seed size and seeding date on phenological, morphological and agronomic characteristics of faba bean under rainfed conditions in Gorgan

Safoura Jafarnodeh; Ebrahim Zeinali; Afshin Soltani; Fatemeh Sheikh

Volume 19, Issue 1 , April 2017, , Pages 87-103


  This experiment was carried out to study of the effects of seed size and seeding date on phenological, morphological and agronomic characteristics of faba bean under rainfed conditions in Gorgan. The experiment was conducted using ‘Barakat’ cultivar at the research field of Gorgan University ...  Read More

The role of planting date, foliar application of benomyl fungicide and potassium silicate in increasing seed quality of soybean cv. Williams

morteza gorzin; farshid ghaderi-far; ebrahim zeinali; seyed esmaeil razavi; mohammad monyan ardestani

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2015, , Pages 139-153


  This study was conducted to investigate the effects of planting date, foliar application of benomyl fungicide and potassium silicate in improving the quality of soybean (cv. Williams) seed in Gorgan during 2011 and 2012. In the first year (2011), the experimental treatments were including planting dates ...  Read More

Studying the Response of Yield Components, Grain and Green Pod Yield of two Faba Bean Cultivars to Inter- Row Spacing in Normal and Late Seeding Dates

Ebrahim Zeinali; Afshin Soltani; Mohammad Khadempir; Mahmood Tourani; Fatemeh Sheikh

Volume 15, Issue 4 , January 2014, , Pages 195-210


  Gorgan is one of the most important regions for faba bean (Vicia faba L.) production in Iran. However, there is no enough quantitative information about the various aspects of production management of this crop plant. To investigate the effects of inter-row spacing, cultivar and seeding date on the yield ...  Read More

Evaluation of nitrogen fertilizer management effects on yield in flowering stage of rapeseed in Gorgan region

Alireza Behdadian; Afshin Soltani; Ebrahim Zeinali; Hossein Ajam Norouzi; Hassan Masoumi

Volume 15, Issue 1 , April 2013, , Pages 163-174


  To evaluate the effects of nitrogen management at yellow budding stage on seed yield with using nitrogen nutrition index (ratio of nitrogen concentration in the plant to optimum concentration), of rapeseed farms in Gorgan, an experiment was conducted as a nested model arranged in a complete randomized ...  Read More