Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD, Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture,Shahrood university and technology/ shahrood, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Sahrood university of technology, Shahrood.iran



In order to investigate the effect of ellagic acid on the growth indices and leaf aging process in soybean, an experiment was conducted during the two years of 2018 and 2019 in the research farm of Shahrood University of Technology's Faculty of Agriculture. The experiment was carried out factorial in the form of a randomized complete block design in three replications. The experimental treatments include the initial seed quality at two levels (normal seeds and aged seeds) and the application of ellagic acid at four levels (control, priming, foliar spraying and combined application of priming and foliar spraying with a concentration of 50 mg/L). The results showed that accelerated aging decreased the amount of chlorophyll, carotenoid, plant height, leaf and stem dry weight, oil percentage and seed yield compared to the control. The use of ellagic acid in the form of priming, foliar spraying and their combination in this study increased the percentage of oil by 0.23, 0.24 and 0.29%, respectively, compared to the control. Priming, foliar spraying and the combined application of priming and foliar spraying with ellagic acid improved the grain yield by 23.59, 23.23 and 55.48%, respectively. The use of ellagic acid as seed priming and foliar spraying better than other levels. Finally, it is recommended to use this material as a priming to increase the percentage of oil and yield of soybean.