Document Type : Research Paper


1 Masters student, Shahrekord University, Department of Agriculture

2 Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran


seed polishing treatment on germination and seedling growth of different sugar beet cultivars, a experiment was conducted in a completely randomized design with three replications in the laboratory and greenhouse of the Faculty of Agriculture, Shahrekord University in 2020-2021. The first factor consisted of five monogerm cultivars of sugar beet (Shokofa, Arta, Aria, Sina and Octaban) and the second factor consisted of three levels of seed polishing (control, abrasion of 10% of seed husk weight and , abrasion of 30% of seed husk weight). The results of analysis of variance showed that the effect of cultivar and the interaction of cultivar and abrasion on all traits were significant. Comparison of mean interactions showed that Aria cultivar and 30% abrasion treatment had the highest germination percentage (83.5 percentage), germination rate (7.6 seed/day), and mean daily germination (5.96 seed/day) Meanwhile, the highest coefficient of seed length vigor index (10.18) were related to Ekbatan cultivar and 30% abrasion treatment. The highest fresh weight of plumule (0.25 g) and radicle (0.053 g) belonged to Shokofa cultivar without abrasion, the highest amount of chlorophyll b (2.77 mg/g fresh weight) and related to Arta cultivar and 30% abrasion, the highest amount of chlorophyll a (4.19 mg/g fresh weight ) was observed in Shokofa cultivar with 30% abrasion In general, it can be concluded from this study that polishing of 30% weight improves the germination and growth characteristics of sugar beet seeds and among the cultivars tested, Aria is more affected by abrasion than other cultivars