Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD student in Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Ardabil, Iran

2 Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources,University of Mohaghegh Ardabili (UMA)

3 Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Ardabil, Iran

4 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Ardabil, Iran


This study aimed to investigate the morpho-physiological responses of potato superelite mini-tubers to different coating treatments factorial experiment based on randomized complete block design with three replications in Research Farm of Mohaghegh Ardabili University in 2018-19. Experimental factors at four levels included mini-tubers filler (zeolite and cocopeat), superphosphate (soil and pellet application), chitosan, and superabsorbent with control treatment (without pelleting). Application of cocopeat with superphosphate leads to the highest average number of tubers per plant (8.36), fresh and dry tuber yield (18.23 and 3.88 tons per hectare), and biological yield (21.69 tons per hectare). The use of chitosan in mini-tuber pelleting decreased the activity of catalase and peroxidase enzymes (19.67 and 16.37%, respectively) and increased the activity of polyphenol oxidase (37.80%). Zeolite increased and cocopeat decreased the tuber protein percentage compared to the control. This increase in protein percentage with increasing tuber yield led to a 32.23% increase in tuber protein yield in zeolite application compared to control treatment. The use of superphosphate in mini-tuber pelleting also increased the protein percentage and thus led to a 30.30% increase in protein yield compared to control mini-tuber. In principal component analysis (PCA), the first component, with which 35% of the changes could be explained, included the yield of protein, lysine, and methionine, and the second component, with which 25% of the changes could be explained, included the protein, methionine, lysine and total nitrogen were included.