Document Type : Research Paper


1 Gonbad Kavous University

2 Assistant Professors of Crop Production Group, Gonbad Kavous University

3 Assistant Professors of Crop Production Group, Gonbad Kavous University, Gonbad Kavous, Iran.


In order to investigate the effect of chitosan and salicylic acid elicitors on osmotic adjustment and some physiological traits of Hyssop under experimental drought conditions, in a split plot design with randomized complete block design with Three replications at research farm of Gonbad Kavous University during 2018-2019. Irrigation factor at three levels including seven, 14 and 21 days’ irrigation interval as main factor and four levels of spraying including no elicitor (control treatment, spraying), salicylic acid (300 mg. l-1), Chitosan spraying (5 g. l-1) and the combination of salicylic acid and chitosan were considered as auxiliary agents. Results of analysis of variance showed that the interaction between spraying and irrigation had significant effects on ion leakage, chlorophyll a content, soluble sugar and malondialdehyde content but was insignificant on carotenoid and essential oil yield. spraying of salicylic acid and with 17% reduction in ion leakage and 40% reduction in plant malondialdehyde compared to the control increased the stability of cell membranes under 21-day irrigation stress. In the same treatment, chitosan increased the amount of photosynthetic pigments and total chlorophyll by 51% compared to the control. According to the results, salicylic acid and Chitosan were able to increase the ability of hyssop in response to water deficit stress by activating different tolerance mechanisms.