Document Type : Research Paper


North Khorasan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center, AREEO, Bojnord, Iran


In order to evaluation of grain yield of wheat cultivars in two planting dates and determination of proper cultivars for autumn and entezari culture, a study was carried out during two years 2015-2017 in Torogh research station in Mashhad. Tow planting dates of autumn and entezari culture were main plot and 16 genotypes of wheat (14 cultivars and 2 promising lines) and include of Baran, Rasad, Sardari, Sabalan, Crosssabalan, Rijav, Karim, Koohdasht, Dehdasht, Azar2, Homa, Ohadi, Ghaboos and Aftab cultivars were subplot. Results showed that significant difference exist between cultivars in terms of agronomic characteristics and grain yield. Flowering date of cultivars was different and none of cultivars didn’t start flowering in the optimum temperature range for flowering. Cultivars of Karim and Rijav with mean yield of 1430 and 1326 kg/ha, respectively had the maximum yield and cultivars of Ohadi and Rasad with mean yield of 893 and 925 kg/ha, respectively had the minimum yield, the difference between maximum and minimum grain yield was about 60%. Delay in planting leads to delay in pollination in all cultivars, therefore autumn planting date could be recommendable. Also for autumn planting, cultivars of Karim and Rijav can be advised and for entezari planting date only spring cultivars such as Karim and Aftab are recommended.