Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Agronomy,Faculty of Agriculture, Zabol University, Zabol, Iran


Drought stress is the most important factors in reducing crop yield, and, it is important to know the ways to cope with drought. This experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of organic growth Stimulator (Hamoon green) on yield and some physiological indices of safflower under drought stress during the 2017-2018 in university of Zabol (Chahnime) as split plot based on RCBD with three replications. Experimental treatments included drought factor based on plant growth stages at three levels (complete irrigation throughout the growing season, irrigation up to terminal bud forms, irrigation up to completed flowering) and spraying factor of organic growth stimulator at 4 levels (pure water), foliar application was Hamoon green 1 liter in 10 liters + calcium, Hamoon green 1 liter in 20 liters + calcium and Hamoon green 1 liter in 30 liters + calcium. The results showed that drought reduced the height, 1000-seed weight and oil percentage by 44.41, 31.24 and 17.10%, respectively. Spraying hamoon green 1 liter in 10 liters + calcium caused an increase of 18.03, 13.90 and 13.74 percent of the above traits compared to the control. The highest grain yield (1885.55 kg.ha-1), chlorophyll a, b, total and carotenoids (3.49, 0.94, 2.74 and 5.34 fw, respectively), selenium content (5.18 fw) and seed calcium content (2.91%) were obtained from hamoon green 1 liter in 10 liter + calcium and complete irrigation treatment. In general, it seems that by spraying 1 liter per 10 liters of calcium, good performance can be achieved.