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To reduce the damages of water deficit stress on safflower with zeolite and chitosan, an experiment was conducted as split plot factorial in randomized complete block design with three replication at the field Research Station of agricultural Faculty of Tarbiat Modares University during the 2012 growing. Treatments were water deficit stress {(control (Irrigation after 50 percent), moderate stress (Irrigation after 65 percent) and intensive stress (Irrigation after 80 percent) discharge of available moisture}, zeolite (control and 4.5 ton hec-1) and chitosan (non sprayed, distilled water, 1 percent acetic acid, 0.05 percent chitosan and 0.5 percent chitosan). Result showed that intense stress decreased yield, half the maximum value compared to control but whit zeolite and 0.05 percent chitosan this amount was reduced to 19 percent. Oil yield increased under non-zeolite application and intensive water deficit with foliar application of 0.05 percent chitosan, about 63 percent. Application of zeolite and 0.5 percent chitosan showed the highest number of capitol that was 26 percent higher than zeolite application and non sprayed. We conclude that zeolite and chitosan application can reduce damages of water deficit stress and increase growth and yield of this plant.


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