Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Arak University, Arak - Iran

2 M.Sc. Student of Plant Physiology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Arak University, Arak, Iran


To study the effects of 24-epibrassinolode on improving germination parameters and seedling growth of typical American eggplant under chilling stress, an experiment with four concentrations of 24-epibrassinolode (0, 0.5, 1 and 2 µM) in completely randomized design in factorial form with three replicates were performed in plant physiology lab of Arak University at 1391. Eggplant seeds were soaked in different concentrations of 24-epibrassinolode for 48 h and then moved to plate. Three plates each containing 20 seeds were considered as replications for each treatment. After planting the seeds, plated were divided into two groups. One group was transferred to an incubator with 16/8 -hour light/dark photoperiod (25 ± 1°C temperatures) and other group exposed to 4°C temperature for 4 days then transferred to the incubator. The results showed that 24-epibrassinolid had a great effect on the germination parameters, length of root and shoot, fresh and dry weights of root and shoot in both control and stress conditions. The increase of lipid peroxidation and membrane penetration that observed in chilling stress, indicated a significant decrease in treatment with 24-epibrassinolide. 1 μM concentration was the most effective concentration than others. In plants under chilling stress and 1 μM of 24-epibrassinolide, lipid peroxidation and membrane penetration decreased 28.30 and 37.89 percent, respectively.


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