Document Type : Research Paper


1 Instructor, Department of Seed and Plant Improvement, Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Seed and Plant Improvement, Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

3 Instructor, Department of Agronomy, Isfahan Agricultural Organization, Isfahan, Iran

4 Instructor, Department of Natural Resources, Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

5 Associate Professor, Cereal Department, Seed and Plant Improvement Institute, Karaj, Iran

6 Associate Professor, Department of Agronomy and Crop Breeding, University of Tehran, Aburaihan Campus, Pakdasht, Iran


In order to assess the impact of different sowing dates on yield and yield components of wheat genotypes
with different growth habits, a two years study (2007-2009) using a split plot in randomized complete
block design with three replications was conducted in Kabootarabad Agricultural Research Station of
Isfahan. Three sowing dates of 12 Oct., 1 Nov., and 21 Nov. were main plots and 15 genotypes of wheat
were subplots. The average grain yield in three planting dates was 8495, 9156 and 6749 kg ha-1,
respectively. At all planting dates, the maximum and minimum grain yield belonged to spring and winter
types and the grain yield of winter, facultative and spring groups were 7519, 8267 and 8614 kg ha-1,
respectively. At 1 Nov. five spring genotypes M-81-13, Bahar, Pishtaz, Kavir and Marvdasht and
facultative cultivar Alvand produced the highest grain yield by an average of 10433, 10146, 10040, 9843,
9822 and 9813 kg/ha and therefore can be recommended for planting in temperate regions of the
province. Spikes per m2 and grain weight were the most important yield components that were reduced in
response to late planting. Based on the results, 1 Nov. can be recommended as the best planting date for
the region.


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