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Filed experiment was conducted to study the effect of manure and various combinations of foxtail millet and mungbean intercropping on the grain yield, weed performance,and the nutrients concentration in millet. The experimental design was a split plot with three replications. Main plots were differentmanure rates (0, 15 and 30 t ha-1) and the subplots comprised five combinations of intercropping (sole millet and mungbean, combinations of 100% millet+15% millet, 100% millet+30% millet, 100% millet+45% millet).Manure, intercropping and interactions between them significantly influenced the grain yield of both crops. The highest grain yield in mungbean was observed in combination of 100%millet+30% mungbean along with application of 30 t manure ha-1. The combination of 100%millet+45%mungbean had the greatest absorption of radiation. Intercropping of millet and mungbean controlled weeds better than sole culture. Combinations of 100%millet+45%mungbean and 100%millet+15%mungbean along with application of 30 t manure ha-1 exhibited the greatest N and K in grains of millet, respectively.