Document Type : Research Paper



This experiment was performed based on split plot in RCBD with three replications in Minab Agricultural Research Station during two successive years. Main plots were allocated to planting method (basin and furrow) and sub plot to four Onion cultivars (‘Primavera’, ‘White Early Grano 502’, ‘HT3544’ and ‘HT3560’). Nursering was done in October and the transplants were transferred to main land in December. All plots were irrigated based on finding of previous studies. Finally was recorded the characters such as bulb yield, multi-center percent, length and diameter of bulb, bulb shape index, bulb weight and time of bulb producing and harvesting. Results showed that planting method had significant influence on bulb yield. Bulb yield of basin method was 28% more than furrow method and had significant difference together. The greatest bulb yield was observed in ‘HT3560’ cultivar and the least in ‘WEG502’ cultivar without any significant difference. ‘WEG502’ cultivar also was harvested 18 days later than other cultivars in two years and it had multi-center percent more than other cultivars. Generally two new cultivars (‘HT3544’ and ‘HT3560’) were better than dominant cultivated cultivars (‘Primavera’ and ‘WEG502’) in two years of experiment.