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In order to evaluate the variation of some of quantitative and qualitative traits of different varieties of linseed under different plant densities, an experiment was conducted in the research station of the Faculty of Agriculture in Shahrekord Univerity in 2009. This experiment was arranged as factorial in RCBD design with three replications. Four linseeds originated from Australia, Canada, France and Iran varieties were used as the first factor, and three plant densities of 300, 500, and 1000 plants per m2 were used as the second factor. Based on the results of this experiment, except for traits of seed number per capsule, 1000 seeds weight days to maturity and protein percent, other traits such as plant height, grain yield and oil content significantly responded to the plant density. The highest plant height and maximum grain yield at 1000 plants per m2 and the greatest amount of oil content at density of 500 plants per m2 were produced. All measured traits had significant effect in different linseed varieties. The highest plant height in Canadian linseed, he maximum grain yield, and days to maturity in Iranian linseed, the greatest amount of protein in France linseed and the maximum oil content in Canadian linseed were observed. Except for the trait of seed number per capsule, 1000 seeds weight, days to maturity, others including plant height, grain yield, percent of protein and oil content were significantly different in the interaction between density and variety. Canadian and Iranian linseed at density of 1000 plants per m2 produced maximum plant height, Iranian linseed at density of 1000 plants per m2 produced maximum grain yield and, France linseed at density of 1000 plants per m2 produced the greatest protein percent, and Canadian linseed at density of 300 plants per m2 also produced maximum oil percent. The general result in this experiment showed that, the density of 1000 plants per m2 was the best plant density and the Iranian linseed, due to great oil content and grain yield, was the most important linseed among other varieties.