MSc in Agricultural, Aboureyhan Campus, University of Tehran, Pakdasht, Iran


This study was carried out to investigate flower yield and yield components in Iranian Rosa damascena using 20 genotypes, collected from different regions of Iran and grown in Drylands and Deserts Research Station of Kashan, Iran, using a randomized complete block design with three replications in 2007-2008. Flower yield per plant, number of flowers per plant, plant height, leaf length, width, length and width of bud, length and width of pedicle, fresh weight of flower, number of petal per flower, length and width of receptacle, plant growth date, budding date, time of flowering and flowering period were recorded. A significant phenotypic correlation indicated a strong positive relationship between flower yield and number of flowers per plant. Result of stepwise regression analysis showed that 94 percent of total variation of flowers yield per plant could be explained by number of flowers per plant and weight of the fresh flower. The path analysis indicated that the number of flower per plant had the most direct effect on the yield. This suggested that number of flowers per plant and weight of the fresh flowers are the most important components determining flower yield per plant in Damask rose.


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