The effects of priming treatment using five osmotic solutions (PEG, manitol, KNO3, KH2PO4 and combination of two salts) in six osmotic potentials (-1 to -1.5 MPa) was studied on germination percentage, rate and uniformity of melon seeds. The best results were obtained with high concentrations of KNO3 and lower concentrations of manitol. Mean germination time of melon seeds in 19°C was preceeded 36 to 48 hours and more uniformity observed but percent germination decayed a little (1-4 percent) reduced in some cases. In addition, storage of primed seeds in room temperature for four months reduced their quality lightly however major priming effects were conserved. In second trial which was done using KNO3 and manitol seeds were suspended in solutions freely or inside bags and also under temperatures 19°C and 22°C, the fastest germination was occurred using manitol inside bags and -1.5 MPa. Effects of priming were more abvious in lower temperatures and also lower potentials showed had better results for uniformity, consistantly.


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