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Effect of Delayed Planting Date on Phenological Traits, Grain Yield, and Some Fatty Acids of New Sunflower Hybrids

alireza moghaddam khamseh; Saeed Sayfzadeh; Jahanfar Daneshian; Hamidreza Zakerin; alireza valadabadi

Volume 24, Issue 3 , September 2022, , Pages 807-824


  In order to evaluate the planting date delay on phenological traits, yield components, grain yield, and linoleic and linolenic fatty acids of new sunflower hybrids, an experiment has been conducted as split plot in a randomized, completely block design, with four replicates at the field of oilseed section ...  Read More

Study the effect of 24-epibrassinoilode in increased tolerance of eggplant seedling to cold stress

Fariba Amini; Shiva Shariat zade; Mehri Askary

Volume 17, Issue 3 , October 2015, , Pages 743-753


  To study the effects of 24-epibrassinolode on improving germination parameters and seedling growth of typical American eggplant under chilling stress, an experiment with four concentrations of 24-epibrassinolode (0, 0.5, 1 and 2 µM) in completely randomized design in factorial form with three replicates ...  Read More

Effect of foliar application of methyl jasmonate in cold tolerance improvement of greenhouse-grown cucumber cv. ‘Negin’ seedlings

Shiva Bazl; Rouholah Karimi; Ahmad Ershadi; Alireza Shahbodaghlo; Mousa Rasouli

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2015, , Pages 441-455


  Cold stress is one of the limiting factors in production of greenhouse vegetables. Chemicals offer useful approach to reduce low temperature-induced damages. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of foliar application of methyl jasmonate (MeJA) at concentrations of 0 (control), 50, 100, 200 ...  Read More

Effect of Salicylic Acid on Spring Frost Tolerance of Grape Cultivar ‘Bidaneh Sefid’

Ahmad Ershadi; Samira Taheri

Volume 15, Issue 2 , July 2014, , Pages 135-146


  Frost in early spring is one of the limiting factors in the production of grape. Chemicals offer useful approach to reduce low temperature-induced damages. Different concentrations of salicylic acid including: 0 (control), 0.5, 1 and 2 mM were sprayed twice on 10 year-old ‘Bidaneh Sefid’ ...  Read More

Effect of salicylic acid on the proline, soluble sugars and ion leakage in two apricot cultivars under cold stress

Hossein Afshari; Raheleh Zahedi; Tahereh Parvaneh; Masoud Zadehbagheri

Volume 16, Issue 1 , April 2014, , Pages 127-138


  In order to study the effect of different concentrations of salicylic acid in two commercial apricotcultivars of Shahrood namely ‘Shahrood 41’ and ‘Jaffari’, under cold stress, a factorial experiment wasconducted in a randomized complete block design with three replications in ...  Read More