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Effects of deficit irrigation on vegetative growth, yield and water use efficiency of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis var. Mars Early) in south of Kerman

Esmaeil Moghbeli damaneh; Rouhallah Fatahi; Behzad Ghorbani; Gholamreza Rabiei; Samad Esfandyari

Volume 20, Issue 3 , November 2018, , Pages 707-718


  Since the regulated deficit irrigation and subsurface irrigation cause to increase high water use efficiency and water saving, a field factorial experiment was carried out based on randomized complete block design with three replications at the South Kerman Agricultural and Natural Resources Research ...  Read More

Investigating the relationship between the accumulation of phenolic compounds in Salustiana and Italian orange cultivars with their rootstock fruits

nastaran hemmati; azim ghasem nezhad; javad fattahi moghaddam; pouneh ebrahimi

Volume 17, Issue 3 , October 2015, , Pages 571-581


  The present study was done to investigate the correlation between biochemical changes of grafted tree fruits and rootstock fruits in Gorgan university of agricultural science and natural resources in 2012-2013. For this purpose, the antioxidant activity and the total content of phenol and  flavonoid ...  Read More

Changes in the pattern of flowering and fruit production in ‘Nagami’ kumquat using paclobutrazol

Fariborz Zaare-Nahandi; Nilufar Mohamadi Silabi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , June 2015, , Pages 557-569


  Flowering and fruit production of ‘Nagami’ kumquat is somewhat different from other citrus species because usually have three flowering peak in a year which can lead to producing fruits with different quality on a tree. Considering the proper effect of paclobutrazol on raising citrus flowering, ...  Read More

Effect of Irrigation Duration and Rootstock on Concentration of some Nutrient Elements in Young ‘Thomson Navel’ Orange Leaves

Alireza Abdolahpour; Mahmoud Ghasemnejad; Ali Momenpour; Ali Reza Eshkvari

Volume 15, Issue 2 , July 2014, , Pages 125-134


  In this study, effect of irrigation duration on concentration of some macro and micro nutrient elements in ‘Thompson Navel’ orange leaves grafted on three rootstocks was evaluated as a factorial experiment in completely randomized block design. Factors included rootstocks in three levels ...  Read More

The effect of urea foliar spray on parameters of Tomson Navel orange

Arezoo Dadrasnia; Akbar Forghani; Bijan Moradi; Reza Fifaei

Volume 11, Issue 2 , November 2009, , Pages 41-47

  Nitrogen foliar spray is one of the most important components in fertilizing programs for citrus in Iran, as it can reduce nitrate leaching. The goal of this research was to determine the most effective concentration of foliar urea application on “Thamson Navel’’ orange trees, for achieving ...  Read More