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Effects of deficit irrigation on vegetative growth, yield and water use efficiency of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis var. Mars Early) in south of Kerman

Esmaeil Moghbeli damaneh; Rouhallah Fatahi; Behzad Ghorbani; Gholamreza Rabiei; Samad Esfandyari

Volume 20, Issue 3 , November 2018, , Pages 707-718


  Since the regulated deficit irrigation and subsurface irrigation cause to increase high water use efficiency and water saving, a field factorial experiment was carried out based on randomized complete block design with three replications at the South Kerman Agricultural and Natural Resources Research ...  Read More

The effect of some biostimulators on yield and fruit quality of apricot

Malihe Akrami Abarghoei; Abdolrahman Mohammadkhani; Gholamreza Rabiei

Volume 19, Issue 3 , February 2018, , Pages 605-619


  In order to evaluate the effect of some bio-stimulators on yield and fruit quality of apricot cv. ‘Shekar pareh’ management functions were studied in the spring of 2014 in Abarkouh of Yazd province. The experiment was based on randomized complete blocks design with seven nutritional treatments ...  Read More

Improving of quantitative and qualitative traits of sport turf by humic acid and vemicompot application

Maryam Kosravi; Saeed Rizi; Rahim Barzegar; Gholam Reza Rabiei

Volume 18, Issue 3 , December 2016, , Pages 727-741


  AbstractIn order to evaluate the effect of vermicompost and humic acid on quantitative and qualitative traits of sod turf, a factorial experiment based on completely randomized design with three replications was established in research farm in Shahrekord University. Treatments were vermicompost (zero, ...  Read More