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The Effect of Putrescine and Spermine on Drought Tolerance of Almond and Peach

Somaye Amraee Tabar; Ahmad Ershadi; Tahmine Robati

Volume 18, Issue 1 , March 2016, , Pages 203-218


  This study was performed to investigate the effect of Putrescine and Spermine on some physiological and biochemical characteristics and antioxidant enzymes activity of peach (Prunus persica cv. Alberta) and almond (Prunus dulcis cv. Rabi) seedlings under water deficit. The first factor was water regime ...  Read More

The effect of drought stress and foliar application with salicylic acid on qualitative and quantitative yield of Black cumin under Kerman climatic conditions

Najmeh Jami; Seyed Mohsen Mousavi Nik; Mahdi Naghizadeh

Volume 17, Issue 3 , October 2015, , Pages 827-840


  To study the effects of drought stress and foliar application with salicylic acid on yield andit’s components and percentage of essential oil of Nigella sativa L., a field experiment was conducted as split plot based on randomized complete block design with three replications at research farm of ...  Read More

The effect of drought preconditioning on increasing drought stress tolerance in two turfgrass creeping bentgrass and tall fescue

Kamran Amiri Nasab; Hedayat Zakizadeh; Mahmoud Ghasemnezhad; Hassan Biglouei

Volume 16, Issue 3 , April 2014, , Pages 599-611


  Drought preconditioning (DP) is a method of irrigation with low frequency and longer duration, to extend the root system and suppress drought damage in plants. In the present study, the effect of DP for 30 days on increasing tolerance to drought stress in two turfgrass species, creeping bentgrass (Agrostis ...  Read More