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Effect of Amino Acid and Zinc Application on Uptake and Transport of Zinc and Iron in Rapeseed in Nutrient Solution Culture

Mohammad Hadi Mirzapour; Ahmad Golchin; Amir Hosein Khoshgoftarmanesh; Mohammad Medi Tehrani

Volume 21, Issue 4 , December 2019, , Pages 379-392


  The role of amino acids on root uptake and root-to-shoot translocation of micronutrients is of great importance to improve plant nutrition management. In this nutrient solution culture experiment, the effect of application of 100μM tryptophan, arginine and histidine on the uptake and root-to-shoot ...  Read More

The effect of zinc nutrition on alleviating oxidative damages induced by salinity stress on two olive cultivars

Mohammad Reza Naeini; Mahmood Esna-Ashari; Amir Hossein Khoshgoftar Manesh; Mohammad Hadi Mirzapour

Volume 20, Issue 2 , August 2018, , Pages 329-343


  As a destructive effect of salinity, raising free radicals in root cells and thus leakage of ions is seen. In order to study the zinc effect on some of antioxidant enzymes (Catalase [CAT], Ascorbat Peroxidase [APX]) and decreasing salinity-induced by NaCl, oxidative damages in two cultivars of olive ...  Read More