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The Effects of Deficit Irrigation, Planting Date and Biofertilizers on Phenological Traits, Yield and Quality of Quinoa

Mohammad Jabbari oranj; Hosein Moghadam; Mohammad Reza Jahansooz; Ali Ahmadi; Babak Motesharezadeh

Volume 25, Issue 1 , April 2023, , Pages 235-252


  In order to investigate the effects of irrigation, planting date, and biofertilizers on phenological traits, yield, and some qualitative traits of quinoa as a new plant, an experiment has been conducted on a farm located in Bilehsvar region of Ardabil Province in two cropping years from 2019 to 2021 ...  Read More

Evaluation of Light Consumption Efficiency in a Mixture of Maize and Beans Cultivation under the Influence of Biologic and Organic Fertilizers

reza fatemi devin; Seyed Mohammad Bagher Hoseini; hosani moghadam; Babak Motasharezadeh

Volume 23, Issue 4 , December 2021, , Pages 712-699


  In order to investigate the effect(s) of biologic and organic fertilizers on light consumption efficiency in growing maize-bean mixture, an experiment has been conducted in the form of split plots in a randomized complete block design with 12 treatments. Main plots, containing different fertilizer systems ...  Read More

Effect of cadmium on concentration of copper, iron, manganese and zinc in shoot of different cultivars of wheat

Iman Javad-zarrin; Babak Moteshare zade

Volume 17, Issue 1 , April 2015, , Pages 27-41


  The aim of this research was to evaluate the average concentrations of micronutrients including: Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn) in the shoots of different cultivars of wheat in stem elongation stage in a soil contaminated with cadmium (Cd). The treatments consisted of three levels ...  Read More