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Effect of Saffron Petal Extract on the Mortality and Enzymatic Changes of the Larvae of Indian Meal Moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hübner)

Reza Sadeghi; Mostafa Mirzaei; Asgar Ebadollahi; Arsalan Jamshidnia; Majid Ghorbani Javid

Volume 25, Issue 1 , April 2023, , Pages 197-208


  Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella Hübner (Pyralidae) is one of the most important pests of storage products in Iran, which is controlled by chemical fumigants. The use of plant essential oils and their compounds can be a suitable alternative to conventional fumigants due to their low risks ...  Read More

Evaluation of Seed Yield and Oil Content of 40 Camelina (Camelina sativa L.) Doubled Haploid Lines

Marjanossadat Hosseinifard; Majid Ghorbani Javid; Elias Soltani; Iraj Allah dadi; Danial Kahrizi

Volume 24, Issue 2 , June 2022, , Pages 497-509


  In order to evaluate the yield components, seed yield, and oil content of Camelina doubled haploid lines, an experiment has been conducted based on a randomized complete block design with 40 doubled haploid lines (as treatments) and three replications in the research farm of College of Aburaihan- the ...  Read More

The effect of slow release urea containing hydrogel complex on yield, yield components and physiological traits of barley under water deficit stress

Shiva Akbari; Iraj Allahdadi; Majid Ghorbani Javid; kourosh Kabiri; Elias Soltani

Volume 21, Issue 2 , July 2019, , Pages 181-193


  In order to study the effect of slow release hydrogel-urea complex (SRHUC) on yield, yield components and physiological traits of barley under water deficit, an experiment was performed in 2017-2018 and conducted as factorial in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) in three replications in greenhouse ...  Read More

Effect of corm size and corm soaking in polyamines on yield and vegetative and qualitative traits of saffron

Somayeh Ehsanfar; Ali Sorooshzadeh; Seyed Ali Mohammad Modarres-Sanavy; Majid Ghorbani Javid

Volume 20, Issue 2 , August 2018, , Pages 467-485


  To investigate the effect of polyamines on vegetative and biochemical traits of Crocus sativus L., an experiment was conducted as factorial in a randomized complete block design with three replications in 2015-2016 in Training Field of Tarbiat Modares University with three sizes of corms (3-5, 5-7 and ...  Read More

Evaluation of effects of bio-fertilizers on some physiological and biochemical traits in soybean under water deficit condition

Avishan Taherkhanchi; Gholam Ali Akbari; Seyed Ali Mohammad Modarres-Sanavy; Majid Ghorbani Javid

Volume 15, Issue 3 , October 2014, , Pages 141-153


  To evaluate the effect of bio-fertilizers on physiological traits in soybean under water deficit condition, agreenhouse experiment was conducted in 2011, at faculty of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modares University,using a factorial design based on RCBD with three replications. The experimental treatments weredifferent ...  Read More