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The Effects of Deficit Irrigation, Planting Date and Biofertilizers on Phenological Traits, Yield and Quality of Quinoa

Mohammad Jabbari oranj; Hosein Moghadam; Mohammad Reza Jahansooz; Ali Ahmadi; Babak Motesharezadeh

Volume 25, Issue 1 , April 2023, , Pages 235-252


  In order to investigate the effects of irrigation, planting date, and biofertilizers on phenological traits, yield, and some qualitative traits of quinoa as a new plant, an experiment has been conducted on a farm located in Bilehsvar region of Ardabil Province in two cropping years from 2019 to 2021 ...  Read More

Effect of Tillage, Nitrogen Fertilizer, and Water Stress on Crop Growth Indices and Yield of Forage Corn (Zea mays L.)

esmaeil afshoon; Mohammad Reza Jahansooz; Hossein Moghadam; Mostafa Oveisi

Volume 23, Issue 2 , June 2021, , Pages 235-246


  To study the effect of nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation regimes on some crop growth indices of forage maize under conventional and conservation tillage system, an experiment has been conducted in split plots with a randomized complete block design and three replications at University of Tehran’s ...  Read More

The effect of different tillage methods on yield and growth characteristics of some autumnal chickpea

Mohaddeseh Kiani; Mohammad reza Jahansouz; Ali Ahmadi

Volume 18, Issue 4 , March 2017, , Pages 977-985


  Conventional tillage systems have harmful effects on soil structure. To evaluate the performance of different methods of tillage on yield and growth characteristics of some autumn chickpea an experiment carried out in a randomized complete block design with 4 replications as split plot arrangement at ...  Read More

Study of different tillage methods on some soil properties, seed yield and morphological traits of wheat and chickpea under rainfed conditions of Sarpolezahab region

Hamidreza Chaghazardi; Mohammad Reza Jahnsuz; Ali Ahmadi; Manouchehr Gorji

Volume 18, Issue 3 , December 2016, , Pages 581-594


  In order to study of no-tillage, reduced tillage and conventional tillage systems on some soil physical properties, yield and some traits of wheat and chickpea, experiments were perfumed across two years in Sarpolezahab’s dryland region.Results of combined analysis of variance indicated that different ...  Read More

Comparison of planting season effect on agronomic characters and yield of dill

Saeed Davazdah Emami; Mohammad Reza Jahansooz; Fatemeh Sefidkon; daryoush mazaheri

Volume 12, Issue 1 , May 2010, , Pages 41-47

  In order to compare planting season effect on agronomic of characters and yield of dill (Anethum graveolens L.) an experiment based on completely randomized design with three replications was conducted in 2006-07 in Esfahan province and three planting seasons (spring, summer and autumn) were evaluated. ...  Read More

The effect of water stress on photosynthesis traits of two plantago species

Asghar Rahimi; Mohammad Reza Jahansooz; Hamid Rahimian mashhadi; Majid Pouryousef; Shahab Maddah Hosseini

Volume 11, Issue 2 , November 2009, , Pages 49-63

  Photosynthesis, stomatal conductance and leaf water potential characteristics were examined in two plantago species (Plantago ovata Forssk and P. psyllium L.), with gradually improving water stress for several days and permitting to recover by re-watering (withholding for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 days) in Melbourne ...  Read More